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3 Ways To Get Content Ideas For Your Network Marketing Blog

One of the biggest challenges for many network marketers with a blog is finding content ideas.

Content creation can be difficult and time consuming, but it don’t have to be.

Finding content ideas and creating content for your network marketing blog is easier than you think.

In this eposide of the Day Job Knockout show I share with you 3 easy ways to find content ideas for your network marketing blog.

Here we go…

1. Visit your company’s blog

Most networking marketing companies have a blog, that is updated regularly with great content.

Use the content your company provides as a pumping off point for your own blog post.

Piggy back on the topic, add your own stories, insights, and make it your own.

2. Team Conference Calls

Team conference calls are a great source for blog content ideas, and actually content.

This is a great example of  getting multiple uses from the same information.

Not only will you learn from the call, but you can use the information shared on the call as content for your blog.

Take notes,  post a recap of the calls on your blog.  Or you can also turn the notes into an article.

Don’t forget to customize it for your  your specific audience.

3. Your Prospects 

You prospects are a great source for content ideas. Most prospects lots of questions.

Turn each of those questions into a separate blog post.  Make your post title the exact questions your prospect asked, them provide a detail answer in your blog post.

*Bonus Tips*

Your Company’s Social Media profiles 

Many network marketing companies update their social media profiles several times a day.This can be a gold mine for blog ideas.

These social media post can be inspiring, informative and sometimes funny.

Create a blog post using the social media image and add your own commentary.

Now it your turn…How do you get content ideas for your network marketing blog? Share them in the comment section below.

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